Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 16

I got up at 5:30 - boy, a sleep-in would have felt real good. All packed and out of camp by 6:45. Got warmed up getting ready to go and headed out in just a t-shirt. It was fine until it hit about 59F. So, on my first gas stop, I got breakfast and put the jacket on. A little spot of rain early on, then nothing the rest of the day. I hated being without a paper map of Ohio. I like the large, overall view. The GPS just doesn't give the big picture. Anyway, I got turned around in the corn fields of northern Ohio and ended up just taking I-70 over to I-77. That was good as I got into a nice interstate rhythm once more. Home by about 10:00. Total mileage tally was 2290.2. Not bad for a weekend ride.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 15 (Back at Camp)

It took about 90 minutes on the return trip and I got back to camp around 5:00, tired, thirsty and hot. Since everyone had gone into Traverse City to the Outback (I think I passed them on the way in), I decided to head to the local joint, Giovanni's, since I wanted wings and Sandy had mentioned she had them there. Lots of baby boomers in the place - I think there was a Styx concert nearby. The wings were good and I added onion rings so I was nicely full. Good thing since I hadn't really eaten all day.

Back at Cycle Moore, it was a welcome low key night, sitting with the long distance riders while Stewey gave me some excellent tips on the camera. Then it was time to pack it in.

It's almost a work of art...

Skid dispenses GPS wisdom, Stewey eats cookies.
CheapB all mellowed out.
Mapping out routes home.
Just one more beer, then nighty-night!

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 15 (Mackinac Bridge)

A good night of socializing resulted in a good night's sleep. Once again, I headed for the pavillion with a coffee to see what was going on. Some folks were headed out to breakfast but I passed since I wanted to get a start for the Big Mac.

I decided to head a bit south and cross over to US 131 to avoid Traverse City but I got all turned around and ended up adding about 50 miles even before getting started. I ended up on the east side of Traverse City at about 11:30. I traveled along county road 72 eastward and finally made it to US 131 where I headed north for Petoskey. On Scotty's advice I went through the Tunnel of Trees where I got stuck behind a husband and wife on Harleys who were the WORST RIDERS EVER!! Anyway, about a half a mile shy of Cross Village, they let me pass. Thanks a bunch.

I hightailed it straight across C66 at about 85 mph. In the 13 miles betwen M-119 and US 31, I think I passed on car in the opposite direction. Once on US 31 and it was north to the bridge.

I stopped at the bridge lookout, crossed over, did the lookout from the Upper Peninsula and came back across. Well worth the $3 toll each way!

Did about 360 miles today.

Camping with a Rascal and I think at least 3 dogs.

A little park off M-119. Stopped for a drink, snack and lather on the sunscreen.

M-119 - the Tunnel of Trees. Beautiful.

The Mackinac Lighthouse

View from the southern side of the Mackinac Strait.

Crossing over the Big Mac - toll is on the north side.

The middle two lanes are grates and you can see 199' down to the water!


Still heading north.

Northern tower.

I made it to the UP.

View from the northern side of the Mackinac Strait.

Windy over on this side.

Ready to head back over.

Lots of bikers headed my way. I was the only one that stayed on the grate. Wussies...

Me and the southern tower.
Somewhere along US-31. The 45th parallel got crossed a few times this trip.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 14 (Afternoon)

We then headed south along the North Manitou Trail that paralleled the west coast of the penisula for the most part. A quick stop at Good Harbor Vineyard for some "supplies" and then carried on south again. Stewey set up a photo spot and we all cruised by so he could practice his Killboy technique. We went past Sleeping Bear Dunes but didn't go in. We also passed Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive but again didn't go in. It ended up being a no-cost day on Saturday the 15th but I was planning on heading to the Mackinac Bridge instead.

Somewhere along the way, Skid and Stewey decided to head back to Cycle Moore, the rest of us headed to Point Betsie Light Station.

After Point Betsie we stopped in Beulah at the famous Cherry Hut. I had pie a la mode, the others had cherry burgers. I also bought some tart cherry concentrate that might help with any gout symptoms.

The light station as you walk in from the road.

The Oil House where the oil for the lamp was stored.
View from the northern part of the point.
The light station as seen from the top of the fog horn building (through the window screen).
KT taking advantage of the photo op.

Me and the light station from the end of a propane tank.

Not sure if this is part of the complex but it was still an impressive structure.

Past Frankfort at a lookout off Lakeshore Drive.

The gang at the lookout over the breakwater.

The view looking southwest.

Lots of action down at the breakwater.

Pleasure craft seeking safe harbor.

Indicates the lookout point from where the pictures were taken.

The Cherry Hut - good pie!! Local cherries!!
Back at camp - I was away from the main crowd since I had gotten in so late and didn't want to wake anyone up with my banging around.
The neverending sign-up banner...

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 14 (Morning)

Got up nice and early and made myself a coffee. Heard some yacking going on over by the pavillion and so I mosied on over. I said my hellos, chatted for a bit and then headed out to breakfast with Stewey, Skid & Sandy, CheapB and Wrong Turn. I couldn't finished the stuffed hash browns - big portions at Dilberts!

Back at Cycle Moore's, it was quickly decided to go on a lighthouse run - off we went!

The group was Skid, Wrong Turn, CheapB, Stewey, Chunk with KT and then me. First, we headed north (avoiding Traverse City) to Leelanau State Park ($8) to see the Grand Traverse Lighthouse. Quite a nice area, beautifully restored lighthouse and fog horn station (see satellite image). Chunk continued to give KT pointers on camera techniques - I tried to listen in where possible...

One of many stone sculptures that dotted the grounds with the lighthouse in background.

View of the lighthosue from the fog horn station.

Bird house stone thingy.

View from the northernmost point.

Back around to the front of the lighthouse.

It's all about the composition...

Chunk mentoring KT.

Lighthouse (top red spot) and fog horn station (bottom red spot).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 13

This was going to be a quick run up and back. It looked to be about 860 miles one way. I got out about an hour later than I would have liked but once on the road, the miles flew by.

Just after crossing the Ohio River in Gallipolis, OH.

Well, until upper WV & OH.

There are no interstates that really head northwest, so I had to take much slower US roads and county roads. I eventually made it to the Michigan border in about 11 hours. It was still a long way to go and I couldn't find the actual campsite. I called in to Cycle Moore's and finally arrived around 11:30 - almost 900 miles. Set up the tent in the dark but at least I made it.