Friday, August 14, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 14 (Afternoon)

We then headed south along the North Manitou Trail that paralleled the west coast of the penisula for the most part. A quick stop at Good Harbor Vineyard for some "supplies" and then carried on south again. Stewey set up a photo spot and we all cruised by so he could practice his Killboy technique. We went past Sleeping Bear Dunes but didn't go in. We also passed Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive but again didn't go in. It ended up being a no-cost day on Saturday the 15th but I was planning on heading to the Mackinac Bridge instead.

Somewhere along the way, Skid and Stewey decided to head back to Cycle Moore, the rest of us headed to Point Betsie Light Station.

After Point Betsie we stopped in Beulah at the famous Cherry Hut. I had pie a la mode, the others had cherry burgers. I also bought some tart cherry concentrate that might help with any gout symptoms.

The light station as you walk in from the road.

The Oil House where the oil for the lamp was stored.
View from the northern part of the point.
The light station as seen from the top of the fog horn building (through the window screen).
KT taking advantage of the photo op.

Me and the light station from the end of a propane tank.

Not sure if this is part of the complex but it was still an impressive structure.

Past Frankfort at a lookout off Lakeshore Drive.

The gang at the lookout over the breakwater.

The view looking southwest.

Lots of action down at the breakwater.

Pleasure craft seeking safe harbor.

Indicates the lookout point from where the pictures were taken.

The Cherry Hut - good pie!! Local cherries!!
Back at camp - I was away from the main crowd since I had gotten in so late and didn't want to wake anyone up with my banging around.
The neverending sign-up banner...

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