Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 15 (Back at Camp)

It took about 90 minutes on the return trip and I got back to camp around 5:00, tired, thirsty and hot. Since everyone had gone into Traverse City to the Outback (I think I passed them on the way in), I decided to head to the local joint, Giovanni's, since I wanted wings and Sandy had mentioned she had them there. Lots of baby boomers in the place - I think there was a Styx concert nearby. The wings were good and I added onion rings so I was nicely full. Good thing since I hadn't really eaten all day.

Back at Cycle Moore, it was a welcome low key night, sitting with the long distance riders while Stewey gave me some excellent tips on the camera. Then it was time to pack it in.

It's almost a work of art...

Skid dispenses GPS wisdom, Stewey eats cookies.
CheapB all mellowed out.
Mapping out routes home.
Just one more beer, then nighty-night!

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