Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 15 (Mackinac Bridge)

A good night of socializing resulted in a good night's sleep. Once again, I headed for the pavillion with a coffee to see what was going on. Some folks were headed out to breakfast but I passed since I wanted to get a start for the Big Mac.

I decided to head a bit south and cross over to US 131 to avoid Traverse City but I got all turned around and ended up adding about 50 miles even before getting started. I ended up on the east side of Traverse City at about 11:30. I traveled along county road 72 eastward and finally made it to US 131 where I headed north for Petoskey. On Scotty's advice I went through the Tunnel of Trees where I got stuck behind a husband and wife on Harleys who were the WORST RIDERS EVER!! Anyway, about a half a mile shy of Cross Village, they let me pass. Thanks a bunch.

I hightailed it straight across C66 at about 85 mph. In the 13 miles betwen M-119 and US 31, I think I passed on car in the opposite direction. Once on US 31 and it was north to the bridge.

I stopped at the bridge lookout, crossed over, did the lookout from the Upper Peninsula and came back across. Well worth the $3 toll each way!

Did about 360 miles today.

Camping with a Rascal and I think at least 3 dogs.

A little park off M-119. Stopped for a drink, snack and lather on the sunscreen.

M-119 - the Tunnel of Trees. Beautiful.

The Mackinac Lighthouse

View from the southern side of the Mackinac Strait.

Crossing over the Big Mac - toll is on the north side.

The middle two lanes are grates and you can see 199' down to the water!


Still heading north.

Northern tower.

I made it to the UP.

View from the northern side of the Mackinac Strait.

Windy over on this side.

Ready to head back over.

Lots of bikers headed my way. I was the only one that stayed on the grate. Wussies...

Me and the southern tower.
Somewhere along US-31. The 45th parallel got crossed a few times this trip.

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