Friday, August 14, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 14 (Morning)

Got up nice and early and made myself a coffee. Heard some yacking going on over by the pavillion and so I mosied on over. I said my hellos, chatted for a bit and then headed out to breakfast with Stewey, Skid & Sandy, CheapB and Wrong Turn. I couldn't finished the stuffed hash browns - big portions at Dilberts!

Back at Cycle Moore's, it was quickly decided to go on a lighthouse run - off we went!

The group was Skid, Wrong Turn, CheapB, Stewey, Chunk with KT and then me. First, we headed north (avoiding Traverse City) to Leelanau State Park ($8) to see the Grand Traverse Lighthouse. Quite a nice area, beautifully restored lighthouse and fog horn station (see satellite image). Chunk continued to give KT pointers on camera techniques - I tried to listen in where possible...

One of many stone sculptures that dotted the grounds with the lighthouse in background.

View of the lighthosue from the fog horn station.

Bird house stone thingy.

View from the northernmost point.

Back around to the front of the lighthouse.

It's all about the composition...

Chunk mentoring KT.

Lighthouse (top red spot) and fog horn station (bottom red spot).

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