Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interlochen 2009 - Aug 16

I got up at 5:30 - boy, a sleep-in would have felt real good. All packed and out of camp by 6:45. Got warmed up getting ready to go and headed out in just a t-shirt. It was fine until it hit about 59F. So, on my first gas stop, I got breakfast and put the jacket on. A little spot of rain early on, then nothing the rest of the day. I hated being without a paper map of Ohio. I like the large, overall view. The GPS just doesn't give the big picture. Anyway, I got turned around in the corn fields of northern Ohio and ended up just taking I-70 over to I-77. That was good as I got into a nice interstate rhythm once more. Home by about 10:00. Total mileage tally was 2290.2. Not bad for a weekend ride.

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